About The + Southern + Loft

About The + Southern + Loft
Hey there! I’m so glad you decided to visit The Southern Loft!
My name is Jessica, owner of The Southern Loft, Inc.
I am a small town southern christian girl who loves Jesus, wife to a wonderful guy Trevor (who is also known for being lead Technician, Janitor, Handyman, HR Advisor, CFO, Lead Contractor, etc...), boymom (x3), and most recently a girlmom. 
I started this business from the ground up, hoping I can impact my family, and my community. My one goal is to give back, and by supporting my small business you are helping me give back to the community. 
I have a fantastic team, who without, this wheel would not be able to spin. I am so thankful for these girls that make this dream of mine possible every single day!
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